Below are my curated offerings and workshops to help you to Expand your Edges
using Intentional Creativity, Red Thread Sessions and Coaching.

Heliacal Rising

Heliacal Rising refers to the stars that rise about the same time each year.  This offering is a 9 month intentional creativity painting experience and is an annual rising that honours Matariki star cluster also known as Pleiades, as we consult with the star cluster as our ancestors did, we will explore our own authenticity and inner wisdom.  Each month a new star of the Matariki star cluster will be invited to guide our inquiry and creativity. 

This painting process will be intuitive and organic.  intentional creativity provides guidance and prompted examples each month.

No prior artist experience required.  Beginners are welcome. Registration is only open until 30th June 2022.

Connection Alchemy

The way of the Red Thread is a ceremonial process that takes place on it own or as part of every painting workshop.
This process is about connection, but I love the gentle way this helps everyone explore and reflect on connection.
Passing the red thread around in any gathering is a way of connecting each of us to the topic and discussion. These willl typically be present in all offerings either in person or online.
Please have some red thread available as part of your supplies.

Intentional Creativity Sessions & Workshops

Workshops using the Intentional creativity approach which includes a mindfulness observation of your narrative within an archetype, will provide you a transformation exploration into yourself.

You are the Art and the Art is in You!

I’m really big on you being your own expert and embracing your authentic being while in this life, this means removing some layers of your story that you have held on to and no longer serve you.  Its time my lovelies!!

No art or painting experience is needed

Intentional Creativity is a step by step process and inquiry based learning provides opportunities for you to reflect on and express.

Workshops will be themed specifically and numbers for each workshop will be limited.

Keep an eye out for up and coming workshops available soon.

Envisioned Oracle Paintings

If you could have your own oracle card made just for you, would you want this? Well, this is what Envisioned Oracle Paintings are. Hand painted originals customised and channelled energetically for you or as a gift for someone you love.
These artworks are completed remotely and are ethically made with love.
Through meditation and contemplation with Spirit, a connection with the energy in your auric field at the time agreed, messages received could also include an invitation for you to consider what you need now and sometimes, loved ones who have crossed over come through to give a love message as well, this can depend on the day of your reading.
These are acrylic paintings, custom made on heavy A3 paper. If you want this on canvas, please let me know. Postage is additional if you are outside Australia or other mediums are requested.
Once a time and date is confirmed. Energy attunement will take place, all I ask is that you are aware and try to be relaxed as much as possible for the session, which could be up to an hour. I will message you to confirm the session is completed and proceed with completing your painting over a 2 week period. You are welcome to ask questions at the time via email.
All messages received will be printed, usually no more than A4 paper and original artwork will be posted to you in a tube via Australian post.
Please note: The image provided to you may be used in promotional material I use for myself and I retain all copyright.
Investment AUD$122
(postage within Australia is free. Shipping outside of Australia will incur additional charges.)
Please allow up to 2 weeks to have this completed. All communication with you about delivery is done directly via email, so you know exactly what’s happening.
Book in a time to have this done for yourself or a loved one by contacting me directly. I would love to do this for you…what are you waiting for??

Story Painting

Individual creative coaching sessions

Individual or 1:1 creative sessions which are available with a specific need and focus are by appointment only. Story paintings are archetypal in nature, simply means painting your own here/heroine and can include topic examples such as:

I have limited spaces available currently and following COVID19 changes and I have had to move my sessions temporarily to online via zoom. If you want in person sessions, please email me so we can look at options to accommodate this.

Sessions run for 1 hour each. Six sessions can be booked weekly or fortnightly depending on your schedule.

Investment: AUD$600 for the package of 6 sessions ($100 per session) OR $150 per 1 hour session

You will have a completed story painting at the end with your own symbols. I invite and encourage all my clients to engage in reflective journaling and creative writing.

No previous painting or art experience is necessary!

Contact me by email

If you would like to purchase any of the artwork featured or be notified of exhibitions I am involved in.