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I am an Intuitive artist, which means for me that I draw inspiration from communication with spirit, past experiences, deep self-inquiry and observation of the beauty this earth holds to bring forth divine insights from the unseen. I am a Mystic woman, an Energy being, (as are we all) so it makes sense I consider myself an intuitive artist. My work often represents what is being channelled through me as medicine and story paintings not just for myself, but for others who may be needing or looking for meaning in their life.

Intentional Creativity Educator and Guild member


We shape the clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want!

Through the making of art we are crossing the veil of form from the unmanifest to the manifest. In a hot flash all is in motion! The artist informs the flash with her infusion of ideas, originality, craving and desire and the materials she has at hand – Shiloh Sophia

Intentional Creativity invites access to your creative life force. When you make art with embodied love and mindfulness, your self expression becomes a sacred act. When you create, you are collaborating with your consciousness and inhabiting your body and often this feels incredible!

I love being an artist who creates with intention. My relationship with Creator is central to my daily practice and the relationship between myself and all of nature imbues who I am. I love to share this medicine and connection we innately have in our body.


Below are some of my Current and Upcoming curated offerings and workshops.

Intentional Creativity Sessions & Workshops
Workshops using the Intentional creativity approach is a transformational archetype exploration into your own psyche. You are the Art and the Art is in You!
Workshop International Creativity
Story Painting Individual sessions
Individual or 1:1 creative sessions which are available with a specific need and focus are by appointment only.
1:1 Story Painting
Connection Alchemy
The way of the Red Thread is a ceremonial process that takes place on it own or as part of every painting workshop. This process is about connection, but I love the gentle way this helps everyone explore and reflect on connection.
Red Thread Connect

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